Velvet Touch Visiting Cards

Suede-smooth velvet feeling on your visiting card. Make a great first impression and demand attention. Commonly known as silk card. 350 premium cards with velvet lamination are available in various shapes also.

Don’t just make your visiting cards look different. Make them feel different. Our double-sided soft-touch coating is so unique that customers instantly stop and look. So what are you waiting for? Be a company that stands out in people’s minds – and their hands.

The colour saturation and print quality on these cards are extremely high, great for more colourful or darker designs. Use high-resolution imagery for the clearest & sharpest results.

  • Delicate velvet gives a rich surface
  • Velvet overlay expands solidness
  • Print an advanced card
  • Feature organization subtleties with spot UV

Velvet business card printing presents your organization’s name and data on a smooth, delicate, and sumptuous surface.


How thick are velvet business cards?

Our velvet business cards are an impressive 350 GSM. This level of thickness makes them sturdier than the average business card and lends them a truly premium quality. The addition of a laminate to the thick stock ensures they are long-lasting and design-forward.

What size options are available for velvet business cards?

When choosing sizes for our velvet business cards, we stock a range of sizes. Our standard dimensions are 46x56mm. However, if you’re looking for a more unique option you can always opt for a custom size. These have a maximum size of 46x56mm. Be sure to input these dimensions in the ‘notes about your order box at checkout.

Do velvet business cards have an option to print on both sides?

Yes! We give you the choice to print on either one or two sides of our gloss business cards. Printing on two sides allows you to communicate your brand personality with artwork on the front, and include any important contact details on the back.

If you only want to print on one side, that’s fair enough. Simply select this option from the drop-down box on the product page.