1. QUOTATIONS: a. Valid for 10 days, subject to material availability. b. Based on purchaser’s specifications. Re-quoting possible if materials differ.

2. ORDERS: Acceptance subject to credit approval and uncontrollable contingencies. Cancelled orders incur compensations.

3. TAXES: Direct/indirect taxes, levies, and customs duties extra, if applicable. Payable on demand, even if not initially charged.

4. ADDITIONAL WORK: Extra work not in quotation charged additionally.

5. ALTERATIONS: Purchaser-initiated changes charged extra at our discretion.

6. EXPERIMENTAL WORK: Experimental work charged at current rates. No usage without prior written consent.

7. CREATIVE WORK: Sketches, copy, and artwork remain our exclusive property until paid for. No use without express consent.

8. PROCESS MATERIALS: Materials, including plates, remain our property.

9. PROOFING: a. Proofs required for approval. No responsibility for undetected errors if: i. Proofs not requested; ii. Work printed per purchaser’s approval; iii. Changes communicated orally. b. Press proofs furnished on written request, charged at current rates. c. Reasonable variation expected between machine proof and completed job.

10. ACCEPTED DELIVERY: Complaints for quality deviation within ten days. Acceptance implies satisfaction with terms, conditions, and specifications.

11. DELIVERY AND CLAIMS: a. Payment due on agreed credit terms upon delivery notification. b. Production schedules established. Non-adherence renegotiates delivery dates. No liability for delays beyond our control. c. Work suspension or delays due to purchaser incur charges at our discretion. d. Price quoted ex-works. Charges for proofing, packing, and delivery not included unless specified. e. Title and risk pass on delivery. Deliveries at purchaser’s request acknowledged by provided proofs. Dispatch at purchaser’s risk.

12. VARIATIONS IN QUANTITY: Endeavor to deliver ordered quantity. Tolerance: 5% overs or 10% shortage.

13. RETENTION COPIES AND IMPRINT: Retain copies for record/display. Imprint on all jobs at determined places.

14. LIABILITY: a. Not liable for direct/indirect consequential loss or third-party claims. Defective work liability limited to rectification. b. Maximum liability: Amount received for disputed work. Not liable for specific, individual, or consequential damages.

15. CUSTOMER’S PROPERTY: a. Liability limited to insurance amount for loss/damage. Additional insurance at purchaser’s request. b. Materials supplied by purchaser used with care. Not responsible for defects caused by such materials. c. Raw materials supplied must cover spoilage. Spoilage as per All India Federation of Master Printers formula.

16. GENERAL LIEN: General lien on all goods and property in our possession for unpaid debts. Dispose after 14 days’ notice.

17. LEGAL MATTERS: a. Assurance assumed for lawful content. Right to refuse printing or delivery for non-compliance. Charges and expenses for non-compliance borne by purchaser. b. Refusal to print orders accepted incurs no claims against us for loss or damages. c. Purchaser indemnifies for any claim arising from defamation, slander, libel, etc.

18. TERMS: a. 50% advance, balance on delivery or as agreed. Non-payment results in forwarding purchaser’s name to the Master Printers Association. b. Interest: 24% per annum on outstanding amounts. c. Arrear with one payment accelerates all accounts payable, irrespective of maturity.

19. FORCE MAJEURE: Contract performance subject to cancellation or variation due to uncontrollable factors.

20. RETURNS: No goods returned for credit without written consent.

21. DISPUTES: a. All disputes referred to The Master Printers Association for arbitration. b. After exhausting arbitration, disputes subject to the court’s jurisdiction at Mumbai / Thane, Maharashtra.